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The Ogilby Muster (TOM) website is a digital archive that holds material found in the archives of the Royal Welch Fusiliers and other regiments and units of the British Army. This includes photographs, documents, maps, audio and visual footage. Any purchases from the platform directly contribute to the sustainability of the Regimental Museums and enables The Ogilby Muster to continue its work in adding new material as well as sustaining the platform for future generations. The RWF Museum and TOM appreciate each and every contribution that is made. The archive currently holds material primarily for the time period 1899-1929. Across the platform in excess of 660,000 images are available, this number increases every day.

Whether you are researching your family history, researching uniforms, interested in vehicles or looking at the day to day lives and experiences of the British soldier, the archival collection held by our museum and made available through The Ogilby Muster allows for a unique insight into the Royal Welch Fusiliers.

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