Telling Their Stories: Corporate Sponsorship at the Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum

Who we are:

We are an Accredited independent Museum based within Caernarfon Castle with our Reserve Collection and Archive in Wrexham Museum. We are the only publicly accessible collection dedicated to Wales’ oldest regiment.

Our vision:

To be the leading Museum that educates, inspires, and engages audiences across North Wales and beyond with the history and stories of the Royal Welch Fusiliers.

Our Mission:

Educating visitors on over 300 years of service through:

  • Engaging exhibitions and programs
  • Diverse educational services
  • Innovative research
  • Accessible collections
  • Extensive digitisation
  • Successor regiment integration
  • Increased awareness of the modern-day Army
  • Community building programs and services for all veterans


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  • Developing tomorrow’s leaders and innovators
  • 100,000 visitors engage with our exhibitions and in-gallery educational activities annually.
  • 3,400 students and groups are served through our educational services both onsite and in the classroom.
  • Services are developed to align with the 6 principles of the Welsh Curriculum. STEM/STEAM program development.
  • Relationship with 160 Welsh Brigade and other partners to host STEM/STEAM programs with schools.

Outreach and Events:

  • Fulfilling community needs through impactful programs
  • Outreach events with Veteran groups, dementia care homes, Blind Veterans Association, and at-risk youth.
  • Telling our regimental stories to communities throughout Wales with out ‘Hands on History’ traveling objects.
  • Online and in-person interactive programs on RWF history, art, poetry, science and innovation, and modern-day Army.


  • Providing resources and access for all
  • Partnership with Art UK and The Ogilby Muster for free access to art and photograph collections.
  • Free solider databases on our website which receive an annual 42,000 views.
  • App partnership’s with Bloomberg Connects, 2.5 million subscribers, and House of Memories with National Liverpool Museum with 35,000 downloads.

Why We Need Your Support

  • We are a free independent museum that relies solely on sponsorship, donations, and grants to support Museum operations.
  • Due to military-wide cuts, we are losing a critically important Ministry of Defence (MoD) grant.
  • Education and youth and veteran engagement is a core pillar of our mission.

Download our Corporate Sponsorship Packet to learn more about how sponsoring our mission can help your business with its own goals and other opportunities to highlight partnership with purpose.

Corporate Sponsorship Packet (PDF)

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